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EXCLUSIVE RED LINES 3D INTERVIEW - Marvel at my interview ineptitude!

27th June 2000
I arrived at Christchurch studios none too surprised to discover that D was no where to be seen, although apparently "he has been getting better with his time keeping." However I enjoyed a chat with the engineer  and producer Neil Davidge who were both friendly and made me feel a little more relaxed. I occasionally heard some familiar styled Bass heavy noises from the studio but as Neil said "we are only just beginning" so any sort of preview was out of the question, as there isn't really anything to hear yet.

Some additional pieces of information not in the interview:
They have over 80 hours of jamming sessions with Lupine Howl, which they are working on for the new album. Horace and Elizabeth Fasier will almost definitely be on the new album.

Possible upcoming remixes from Massive Attack include The Perfect Circle (featuring some bloke from Tool) and Cyprus Hill.

I hope this interview is of interest, especially as it's a little more casual than most professional interviews you will hear (I'm certainly no professional as is evident :o)

Thanks to Marc Picken, the very informative engineer (sorry I didn't get your name), Neil Davidge and D

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