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'90s (Jack February 2003)

3D: When we were making Blue Lines it was the beginning of that post-Thatcher thing. Everyone involved in making those records came from totally different ethnic backgrounds: Jamaican, Barbadian, half-Italian for me, and English. There was never this kind of British feel to it. What always struck me about most British music in hip hop and rock was there was this weird kind of lean to Americanism in everyone's accents and voices and we never had the urge to do that - we always wanted to sound like ourselves.
3D: I just didn't understand why a couple of bands suddenly became the barometer for the whole music scene. For us and for other bands who weren't so interested, it became maybe a little more difficult to make your prescence felt because you had to be part of thi sgreat battle, take sides, do you know what I mean? And you weren't even fucking interested in the first place, you know, so you just got on with it and waited for it to abate.
For us, and for other bands who were living in Bristol, I think the last ten years were the most creative time of our lives really.
3D: It would be easy to say it's quite American, but I don;t think that's quite true...I feel it's quite an anonymous place city to coty. Everything's become so "pop" on on elevel and so calculated which has worked in certain areas of the music business, this whole karaoke build-you-own-band thing.