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Creative Review
(June 1998)
CD Cover and Video from Tom Hingston and Academy.
The dark mood of Massive Attack's new album is matched by stylish, yet sinister graphics and an unsettling video. Courtesy of Creature Effects and Academy, an animatronic baby mouths the lyrics to single Teardrops (sic). A beetle shot by Nick Knight has smashed up car body parts comped into its legs and abdomen.
CD design: Tom Hingston
Video director: Walter Stern
Record Company: Virgin Records
Effects: Smoke & Mirrors

(January 1999)
Massive Attack's latest release, a box set entitled MASSIVE ATTACK SINGLES 90/98, comes in a heat-sensitive box designed by Tom Hingston and Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja (aka 3D). ''the client, virgin, said they wanted something quite special'' explains Hingston. ''we thought using heat sensitive ink, with its tactile qualities, would be interesting, but the main reason we did it was so that each one would be completely different as soon as you touch it''. Massive Attack were involved throughout: individual covers on the inside of the box all feature Del Naja's paintings. Production on the job was by specialist printers Artomatic, who also worked on Mark Farrow's Spiritualized album.