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FROM UVA (Creative Review 2nd June 2003)

The reviews of Massive Attack's 100th Window tour have been a bit hit and miss, but nearly every one had something complimentary to say about the show visuals. Developed by UVA (United Visual Artists), an LED wall was used as the main light source for each show in place of a traditional lighting set-up. Very good it looked too, with information moving across the screen in time to the music. Data was specific to each gig, so scrolling text included the day's date and the longitude and latitude of the venue location. "There was a kind of story going on, starting as binary code, then hexadecimal code, then onto atomic structures..." explains UVA's Matt Clark, who developed the project with partner Chris Bird. As well as info gleaned from the internet, news headlines, personal data and celebrity gossip featured. People can even leave messages at 100thwindow.com which are incorporated into the show. It's interesting that the big reaction of the night at Brixton Academy wasn't for the band but for text about the Iraqi war. Software programmer: Autopilot