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welcome to red lines est.1997


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F.v. 3D, Mushroom og Danny G.
VG og Schibsted Nett møtte Massive Attack på Hotel Caledonien under årets Quart-festival. Spørsmålene du ser i intervjuet er sendt inn av besøkende på SN's Quart-sider.

Have you done any grafitti here in Kristiansand yet?
We've been painting the town red!

You created the sound which today is known as trip-hop, what do your music has ment for other Bristol-bands?
Don't say trip hop or we'll leave... A bull shit term. Nothing to do with us at all.

Tricky used to hang around you guys for years, and now he has done great succsess as an solo-artist. How do you feel about that?
We feel fucking great... And has he?

Are you going to anything more with him?
No, we are too busy...

It took three years from Blue Lines to Protection. When will the next album come? Are we talking next century?
No... Of course not, we are talking end of the year finish and probably easter release... Ideas on a postacard please.

What was the thing about doing a cover-version of The Doors? Are you like huge Doors-fans, or did it light a fire in your music?
Nicely put... We are great fans of loads of things, and just a bit of fun that we decided to do the doors track. Good fun had by all.

You have made a CD-rom with your grafitti art. How are you using todays technology in your music?
Haven't done that... What the fuck are you on about!?

Have you seen the pages with your art at the net, and are you using the Internet?
The Virgin pages are crap - they are all right could, but we're hoping to set up a site in our studio so we can update it more regulary.

Madonna - did she want you, or did you want her?
She's got a nice pair of firm tits...

What cars do you drive?...
Ferrari... Porsche 924... Tonka quattro... also a Palitoy banjo and a Tonka Ukelele.

After Shara Nelson and Tracy Thorne... Is there anyone else you are planning on working with?
Charles Bronson is going to feature heavily on the next album...doing backing vocals ...oh yeah and Robin Williams and Marlon Brando...