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Small Attack

Under The Influence (Jockey Slut 2002)

James Lavelle:
Massive Attack

"I first encountered them when I was a kid. I saw something on television called 'Bombing'
, which was the first British-made hip hop documentary, and it had 3-D on there. This is when they were still the Wild Bunch. That was my first ever encounter with them and it was reallt what got me wanting to DJ. The whole sound system thing was what I grew up on. There was the Wild Bunch and Smith & Mighty in Bristol and then Soul II Soul in London. That's what sparked it off, really. It was English as well: they were taking the American breaks and beats and doing something different with it. When I started making records and setting up the Mo'Wax label they were a big influence. More than anything else it was 3-D and his attention to detail about the artwork and design, the graffiti-orientated artwork with the contemporary design and music - all in the same package. It inspired the label...and making music. It's funny for me because now 3-D's one of my best friends, but I'd definitely say I look up to him."