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Small Attack

Wasted: Volume Twelve (December 1994)
The chaps with a few of the cups they won for Protection (L-R): The HobNobs Good Album Challenge Trophy, The Saisho HiFi Top Tracks Combinations Shield...
Is Karma going to get anyone?
Massive Attack and The Wild Bunch have been around for years.

Have you ever hidden in bushes? Why?
We came out from the sticks and battled with London sound systems.

What is your favourite saying?
The Americans are very good at telling stories. Our commentaries are a lot more vague.

What's your favourite planet?
You've got to have respect for American rap, because you get that sense of mystery. It may take six months to work out what a particular word means because it is slang and you get the senseof this whole little world.

Who or what is your first love?
I call it that bleeding soul voice. There has to be that certain element of pain in the music so you actually feel something. creeping cracks that run down the concrete walls of yet another run-down estate that '90s British suburbia would prefer to forget, before coming to rest in the dark nadir of the inner city psyche.

Your most degrading lowlife moment?
The only criteria we have really is that we don't let the commercial ideas creep into what we do.

• Daddy G is at home in this piquant, multi-cultural milieu where rap, reggae and punk collude in an uplifting sonic antiserum for the

Do you feel misunderstood?
Tricky and I haven't got that much in common. So we write our own things and they clash.

Do you believe in magic?
Well, to put it in a simplistic way, Shara grabbed your nuts. With the new stuff, she doesn't grab your nuts at all.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
There has always been a foundation of Mushroom, D and myself. We just use Massive Attack as we use a sound system, as a springboard for other things.

I ask Daddy G if he thinks there could be any trouble in St Paul's again. He replies, with an authoritative nonchalanc, 'Nah, everyone's on crack - you know how it is'.

What language do you speak?
When Tracey Thorn writes about love, it's always so personal and it's about love in a conventional sense. We felt that would ft with the tracks we were doing because a lot of the stuff is sparse and there's quite a lot of room to manoeuvre.

Answers supplied by Massive Attack, December 1994.
Questions added, thoughtfully, at random, March 1995.

One minute everything was fine, but then a nagging doubt set in. By the end, they were all so depressed they decided to leave home.